How to Find the Best Fishing Spots


It’s possible that you know your hometown fishing hole just like the back of your hand. You may know the right bait to use, and how to use it even when you ice fish. In fact, you may also know where your neighbors dump old trees in the lake to build an excellent fish structure. You may know everything about fishing in your home fishing hole. However, it may be hard to find the best fishing spots when you are on a vacation. In this post, we’ve discussed some excellent tips to help you find the best fishing spots.

Plan Ahead:

Whether you are looking to fish in Lake Texoma, Flaming Gorge or the Gulf Coast, you can do yourself a favor by doing some legwork before hitting the road. It’s important to spend some time online and research about various options. There are times when the local fishing guide association or the Chamber of Commerce posts some valuable information to influence anglers to spend money and time in the community.  [Read more…]

How To Hunt Elk in the Winter Season

When it comes to hunting, elk are considered the most majestic creatures. Hunting elk in the winter season is not something you can learn from hunting stories. You can only perfect your hunting with some real field experience. Large elk males can be heavier than 900 pounds.

It’s worth mentioning that elk have a very large kill zone. However, they can still run long distances after getting shot. While a calf is chocolate colored, a cow is light brown in color. A mature bull looks cream colored with a dark brown maine. Elk have impressive antler configurations.

Mature bulls often have 6 or more points on either side. In most cases, early morning bugles can raise your adrenaline levels, and when elk respond to the calling, you will stay hooked on them. Before you proceed on the hunting trip in winter season, you need to conduct a pre-season scouting for the right elk hunt. [Read more…]

More Tips For Winter Hunting


According to most hunters, there’s no question that hunting an animal in the winter season is a tough task to accomplish. When the temperature drops, populations in the forests are relatively low. Moreover, most animals interact with humans, and educate themselves. In addition to this, dense terrain favors the animals in the winter season. However, if you’re a hunting enthusiast, you can still use some tips to hunt in the winter season.

Set Up and Call Often:

One major problem is that most animals hide away in their dens or some place warm. Thus, their populations are relatively low. Thus, if you make more setups, your chances at success increase. A lot of hunters call from only a couple locations, consider it hopeless and quit hunting. During the winter season, you need to be persistent. You need to consider the next location to be your lucky charm. Sooner or later, it will be one. Needless to say, it’s important to scout and locate your hunt before you start calling.

Find Sign, Food Sources:

When you’re scouting, it’s better to walk or drive back trails and roads while looking for droppings and tracks. If you’re hunting in the snow, it’s easier to locate the tracks. Droppings can provide you with proof of life for animals, and even a clue to what they’ve been eating. You should figure out what the animal has been eating often, and concentrate your efforts around locations with this particular food source.  [Read more…]

Learning to Ice Fish: Some Basic Tips to Winter Fishing


Unlike normal fishing in your favorite fishing spots, one might not think ice fishing is an excellent way to relax because you are exposed to cold. This sport is a favorite hobby among many people and can be a good way to have a great time. A majority of people of are so hooked on ice fishing that they are always looking for tips on how to fish during winter. When snow flies and the wind howls, the puzzle of catching fish doesn’t change. Nonetheless, the approach that most people use often does very little to solve the puzzle. In this article, we will give you a few ice fishing tips.

Prepare thoroughly:

Preparation is crucially important in many things that we do in life and ice fishing is no exception. Based on your previous experience with this sport you need to create a list of materials that you should take with you. After all you do not want to get out there only to realize that you have forgotten something. Things such as augers, bait, jigs, heaters, seats and drill are just some of the items to be incorporated on the list. Also, you need fuel so that your heater can produce the warmth you require.

Dress appropriately:

Because you’re outside and exposed to cold, you have to dress warmly and prevent the body from catching a cold. The most important body parts to keep warm are the hands and feet. If either of these parts becomes cold, your trip will be over before it starts. The greatest technique is to put on glove liners under the gloves, as a means of layering. This way when you want to use your fingers, you can take off the glove liners and still have protection.  [Read more…]