How to Find the Best Fishing Spots


It’s possible that you know your hometown fishing hole just like the back of your hand. You may know the right bait to use, and how to use it even when you ice fish. In fact, you may also know where your neighbors dump old trees in the lake to build an excellent fish structure. You may know everything about fishing in your home fishing hole. However, it may be hard to find the best fishing spots when you are on a vacation. In this post, we’ve discussed some excellent tips to help you find the best fishing spots.

Plan Ahead:

Whether you are looking to fish in Lake Texoma, Flaming Gorge or the Gulf Coast, you can do yourself a favor by doing some legwork before hitting the road. It’s important to spend some time online and research about various options. There are times when the local fishing guide association or the Chamber of Commerce posts some valuable information to influence anglers to spend money and time in the community. 

It’s possible that you may not find a lot of specifics. However, you’ll be able to know what’s biting when, and get a clear idea about the right gear and bait you will need. You should also check out some authority websites related to fishing in the area. Most websites have a lot of good information. Moreover, you can also download an app on your smartphone to find some launch ramps, bait shops and everything else you need for a good fishing trip.

Go Local:

When you’re done with the research on the Internet, you need to go old school, and talk to some locals in the community. For a community, it’s always good to give you valuable information about fishing and bait shops. It keeps you coming back and support the economy. Moreover, when you visit a place for fishing, you also end up purchasing snacks, fuel, ice and other items. You need to listen to the locals. They provide you with more valuable information than an angler who just hangs around a bait shop.

In addition to this, you should also look for some information in local guides. They can help you find the best fishing spots. In fact, if you hire a local guide, you can avoid a lot of troubles and get to the fish faster. Most local guides charge a nominal fee. Moreover, they get you to some unexplored fishing holes quickly. It gives you more time to enjoy hauling your catch.

Always Be Respectful: 

When you are on a vacation, it’s likely that other anglers have the same idea. When you start spending more time with the locals, you should show some respect. It’s important to understand that you’re a visitor to their community. Thus, you need to be humble. In other words, you should pay for current fishing licenses whenever required, and know the catch limits and keeper species.

Another responsible thing to do is to practice a catch and release policy for fish that you don’t plan to consume. In fact, it provides young anglers on the crew with a good lesson on respect and responsibility. You need to pack out slightly more than you packed in. A great fishing hole can be easily ruined by visitors leaving a body of water polluted. You shouldn’t litter, and even pick up trash you see lying around.

Buying a Fish Finder:

In the last few years, there have been many advancements in the field of marine electronics. Besides being an art, finding fish has also become science. These days, you can rely on sonar technology and choose from a wide range of fish finder devices. They emit sound waves and spread them through the water body. A fish finder records the returning waves’ reflections. With these devices, you can easily find out the best fishing spots, time, temperature, speed, depth, distance, structures and other information.

Before you purchase a fish finder, it’s important to consider your angling needs. In fact, you need to consider some important factors, such as the sharpness of the picture, power of the device, width of the field of view, type of boat, features and more. A good fish finder can help you find great fishing spots effortlessly. However, you need to conduct a good research to purchase the best device within your price range.

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