Top Firearm Choices for Hunting Small Game

Hunting Small GameWhen hunting small game the choice of a firearm that you will make will matter a lot. Some of the factors that you need to consider while choosing a firearm include the power output of the firearm.

The firearm should not produce too much power because you don’t need a lot of power to bring down a small prey.

The power supply of the firearm should not be affected by cold weather.

This is simply because most of the time, northern US hunting will takes place in cold places.

You can go the air rifle route for small game or you can use another rifle like an AR-15 or a basic .22 LR rifle which is one of our favorites.  An air rifle that is dependent on CO2 to produce power can easily let you down.

The distance of the rifle also matters. The best rifle which you should go for should be the one that will be able to aim and hit long distances.

Remember that like many larger game animals,  most of the small game animals will tend to sense hunters from a distance and run away.

After you choose a fire arm that will allow you aim them at a distance, you will increase your chances of hitting the small game before they have a chance to run.

Some of the small game animals that are sensitive when you move too close include cottontail rabbits and squirrels. Here are some of the top firearm choices for hunting small game:

  1. Ruger 10/22 Rifle

The Ruger 10/22 is a staple of any rifle collection.  If you don’t own one, you should.  They are extremely inexpensive to purchase and buy ammo for if you can find it.  We’d recommend outfitting it with a rifle scope, which can be done pretty cheaply if you haven’t ever purchased one before.  When we didn’t have much experience, we jumped around the internet looking for the best rifle scope reviews that we could find.  You’ll find a lot of cheap accessories that can outfit your Ruger 10/22 including custom stocks.

  1. Any AR-15 Rifle

Who doesn’t want to have a tactical AR-15?  Accessories like the best holographic sights made by EOTECH are cheap and there’s a host of other accessories that you can pick up for them pretty cheaply.   If you are struggling with a decent guide, you can check out any of the top firearms reviews sites on the web.  Some of our favorites include Outdoor Life, AR 15 Hunter, and

  1. Benjamin Discovery Rifle

While hunting small game you need great precision. The manufacturers of Benjamin discovery rifle took time to come up with a rifle that achieves great precision while shooting. Its accuracy is also guaranteed. When filling the rifle, shooters find it very easy due to its design. Due to the fact that it is easy to fill and use. It is among the best rifles that you can buy and start your hunting adventure. The rifle is readily available online from where you can buy and start making use of it. To save on cost, you should compare prices in different stores before you decide on one. You should also take into consideration the time that the store will take before it can deliver the rifle.

  1. Crosman Nitro Venom

When on a hunt you need accuracy and power. The rifle has just enough power that you need to bring down a kill. It has a smooth coking design that features a no spring fatigue, this makes it perfect for cold hunting. The rifle is light in weight which makes it the best choice for you in case you will like to kill your hunt while running in the woods.

These are just some of the top firearm choices for hunting small game, for your hunting adventure to be successful, you should carry out enough practice and know how to use your specific refile. There are different types of rifles available and they will tend to vary on the way they operate. For more accuracy while aiming your prey, you can buy a rifle scope and have it mounted on your rifle. This will make it easier for you while aiming at the small game.


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